Portrait of a Nigerian Pentecostal Missionary

The Pentecostals have not only made the gospel alive in Nigeria, but they are also sending missionaries all over the world to preach the gospel, despite financial upheaval in the country. The Pentecostal churches in Nigeria have sent out more missionaries in the late 20th century than any other denomination in Nigeria. Its influence and impact on all other denominations in Nigeria is beyond comparison. The Pentecostals not only won converts, but they also won other churches over to their side. The acceptance of the power of the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues in mainline fundamental and evangelical churches is what makes Pentecostalism a powerful influence. Not only did they grow, but they empowered other churches with the power of the Holy Spirit.

This paper will attempt to reflect on what the Pentecostal churches have done in the area of missions in Nigeria and other parts of the world. This is not an exhaustive study because my contribution is limited to a certain number of words.

Dr. Ayuk

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