How to Buy Books at Jethro Leadership Book Shop

  1. Go to (Home Page) or 
  2. Go to (Book Shop Page)

Book Shop PageĀ 

  1. For Non-Nigeria Buyers / International(USD) 
  2. For Nigeria Buyers / Residents (NGN), they can buy books through this link;

In Book Shop

  1. Select & Click on the Book Image you want to buy, then click Add to Cart
  2. Or Click on the Book Title, to open the product page link, then click Add to Cart

Add To Cart

  1. Click and Add to Cart to purchase the book

Proceed to Checkout to Make Payment

Checkout & Payment Page

  1. Fill in your Billing details
  2. Then scroll below and click your preferred payment method
    1. With Paypal account 
    2. Or with a Debit / Credit Card
  3. Then make payment using your Paypal account or Debit / Credit Card at the bottom
  4. Then you can download the book.

Payment with Debit or Credit Card

  1. If you select payment with a Debit / Credit Card
  2. A form is open at the bottom for you to fill in your Card details and make payment, then the download page will open.

Final Downloading Books

  1. Once your payment processing has been successful the book download page will open
  2. Then download the book

Thank you