Our Vision

ITLC envisions to provide the best quality online teaching  programs to help alleviate the skills of professionals,  entrepreneurs and Leaders.


Our Mission

ITLC provides teaching and training programs in the following areas:

  • Instructional Leadership
  • Educational Leadership
  • Transformational Leadership
  • Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • English Communication
  • Research and Thesis Writing

Our Values

Values: ITLC upholes the following values

  • Excellence
  • Internationalism
  • Love for mankind
  • Truthfulness
  • Innovativeness

Our Philosophy

Education is the foundation for building a better world. In this regard, it should be made accessible and affordable to all mankind. Leadership sets the direction for the people and as such leaders should be given proper training. The best training and development programs can only be provided by those who are well trained for the job. Education is not just the dispensing of information to those who need it, but the integration of the right values that would help human beings function well in a dysfunctional world. Moreover, education should be holistic, dealing with all aspects of life, such as spiritual, emotional, psychological, physical, economics, political and social. Without the inclusion of any of these aspect of life, education becomes worthless and mere information without analysis that gives substance to knowledge, reality and what is right and wrong.

Course Offerings

Choose from one of our online programs. Each program costs USD 10 / hour.

Once your application is accepted, you may send your payment here - http://www.paypal.me/ayukmissions

English Communication Skills

Program for non-native speakers of English is all-skills program that integrates grammar, vocabulary, listening, speaking, reading, pronunciation, and writing—all in an engaging and easy-to-use format that has been embraced by students and teachers. ITLC will assist you in writing assignments, essay, thesis as you improve your paper and final draft. ITLC also holds small-group seminars on conversational English. One-on-one session tutorials that can help you improve your English speaking and writing skills by appointment.

Instructional Leadership

This program provides coaching and mentoring support for teachers in the areas of goal setting; assessment expertise; and professional development on topics such as effective instructional strategies, lesson planning, classroom management and team building.

Transformational Leadership

This program help leaders in instituting change in their organizations, since Transformational Leadership is a leadership approach that causes change in individuals and social systems. In its ideal form, it creates valuable and positive change in the followers with the end goal of developing followers into leaders. Transformational leaders focus on “transforming” others to support each other and the organization. Followers of a transformational leader respond by feeling trust, admiration, loyalty, and respect for the leader and are more willing to work harder than originally expected.

Educational Leadership

This program is geared towards the process of enlisting and guiding the talents and energies of teachers, pupils, and parents toward achieving common educational aims. The program will help educational leaders to be more effective in the running of schools.

Coaching and Mentoring

The program is meant to help leaders develop the skill of coaching and mentoring for the development of their subordinates and employees. Coaching is more performance driven, designed to improve the professional's on-the-job performance. Mentoring is more development driven, looking not just at the professional's current job function but beyond, taking a more holistic approach to career development.
Mentoring seeks to build wisdom–the ability to apply skills, knowledge and experience to new situations and processes. Coaching focuses on meeting very specific objectives within a set period.

Research and Thesis/Dissertation Writing Skills

This program will help harness the skills of researchers and thesis/dissertation writers. A dissertation or thesis is a long piece of academic writing based on original research. It is usually submitted as part of a PhD or master's, and sometimes as part of a bachelor's degree. Your dissertation is probably the longest piece of writing you have ever done, and it can be intimidating to know where to start.

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